4MAT as a “common language" at Weber

At Weber we have, since 2008, used 4MAT to support us in the development for a successful business with excited employees, great job satisfaction and team spirit. 4MAT gives us the tools to seek the best possible way to communicate with different types of people who has to work together every day - Both internally and externally.

HR Manager Lise Lotte Kristensen, Weber Stephen Northen Europe

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The 4MAT MTD course was an eye opener for me!

After more than 10 years experience of teaching in my field, it was a gift to learn about the natural learning circle as a concrete, useful training tool. The 3 day course was facilitated with a really good flow between theory, group discussions and time to work hands-on with my upcoming training materials, which was tested already 4 days later with success! The follow-up after the course is thorough, and makes it even more professional. If you need to boost your teaching with brain-friendly structures, I would highly recommend Hanne and 4MAT Denmark as a platform.

Consultant and Kayak Instructor Tue Olesen, OnAdventure.dk

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The brain and learning

In the 4MAT system there is many possible ways to teach, according to how the brain learns.
The codeword is “from sensing/experiencing to knowledge”. That is the core on how the brain learns - and the core in the 4MAT system.

Ass. Professor and Lector Ole Lauridsen, Aarhus University

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The method for an effective learning process

I can warmly recommend the 4MAT education and method. At my job at ‘Falck’, I am the head of education and educational responsible, and I use 4MAT daily.
Both in planning and working with education, and in personal connections the method gives understanding and insight. 4MAT’s wheel and intuitive structure gives you leadership skills and therefor good contact with your employees, customers or people in general. A good investment.

Head of education and guard at Falck’s Psychological crisis help Henrik Mörke-Malmkvist

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Co-creation and fantastic results

I have throughout many years worked and developed courses with Hanne Houbak. Our co-creation process has created both face to face training, online courses and professional materials. Hanne can’t just take an idea and make it happen, she always delivers a product that exceeds my expectations.

Senior HR Consultant Line Wilgaard, ARLA Foods

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4MAT - the pedagogical concept at The Poul Due Jensen Academy, Grundfos

At Grundfos' corporate academy, The Poul Due Jensen Academy, we offer training to the global Grundfos organization. Our classes have participants from different countries, and hence we train groups with mixed nationalities and cultures. 4MAT has proven to be a simple and at the same time an effective tool to design and deliver our training. Apart from learning styles, learning cycle and hemisphere preferences, the model has shown to be one of the reasons why we are able to reach all participants despite cultural differences.
4MAT is also part of our internal Grundfos Trainer Course, where global trainers / colleagues are introduced to the model and theory and learn how to design own training according to it. This way, we are globally introducing 4MAT as our pedagogical concept.

L&D Consultant Tina Overgaard Larsen, Grundfos

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Trust - insight - 4MAT...

At Brejning boarding school we use trust and insight in our approach for teaching. That means that our teachers translate their freedom of methodology into responsibility for their own learning in the students, by trusting that insight to didactics and student´s motivation will kick out from teacher´s professionalism. We chose to use 4MAT as one of the tools that all employees are certified in. When you work with gourmet, outdoors, adventure, innovation, wellness and project management then it is the utmost important to have a common academic language and a common reference frame. 4MAT gives all of this to all employees.

Principal Ole Conrad Kondrup, Brejning Boarding school

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Value based leadership at Mekoprint A/S

Hanne Houbak has with Arne Nielsson been a fantastic partner to get Mekoprint’s values launched.
A big applaus for her and her great commitment, flexibility and fast understanding for Mekoprint’s DNA.

CEO Anders Kold, Mekoprint A/S

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It’s about making sure that everyone is learnings something

4MAT Mastering Training Design is an awesome course - super awesome! We got some tools and learned to use them in practice under the course. I can use these competences from 4MAT in both my civil job and as a teacher at the home guard’s school.

Center director Anita Brusen, Danish Maritime Authority

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Better build and higher quality

I also work with other measuring tools, for example MBTI and Hogan Assesment Systems, which is more advanced than 4MAT. It is exactly because 4MAT is so simple to understand and can be used as a process method that makes it so interesting. To have the 4MAT model under the skin does that my meetings, presentations and documents has a better structure and therefor a higher quality.

Siv. Economist, coach and director Nan Ragstad, SMARTservice Norge AS

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4MAT Collaboration Denmark - Norway

You can tell that Hanne Houbak is passionate for communication and personal relations. She is a master at facilitating and conveying. Her insight in the 4MAT process method and preference tools is formidable. Hanne is a professional and winning character. As a person, Hanne Houbak spreads enthusiasm. She meets you with warmth, energy and happiness. She listens, asks and has a genuine interest in trying to find the best solutions and the best in you. She is creative and has the drive and courage.

CoachTeam A/S - House of Leadership works together with Hanne Houbak and 4MAT Denmark. It is a true pleasure. We have been licensed 4MAT Denmark as 4MAT trainers for Norway and use the 4MAT process model actively in a team- and leadership development. As 4MAT trainers CoachTeam educate 4MAT consultants. Hanne Houbak shares plenty of her experience with us. 4MAT Denmark helps Norway with their expertise and fantastic new products which can be used by those who works with 4MAT.

4MAT type tower, 4MAT Orbit Learning Tool and the 4MAT blanket are examples on great tools that boosts learning and insight for different processes.

Coach, lecturer, facilitator Erica Grunnevoll, CoachTeam A/S - House of Leadership

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4MAT works excellently for me

Hanne is a professional and dedicated 4MAT course instructor. Her courses are delivered consistently according to the 4MAT spirit.
A true learning experience - yes, it's about learning!
And it works excellently for me.

Major Steven McKay Boyle, Hærens Kampskole

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4MAT Mastering Training Design - Ready to use 4MAT in my daily life

Big thanks to Hanne and About Learning for a great and rewarding course. Hanne is a fantastically inspiring and knowledgable facilitator who takes her own 4MAT medicine.

The contents and structure of the course made it so easy to me to go home and use 4MAT in my daily life. Not only in teaching but also to whole day meetings, workshops, kickoffs and etc. My recent acquired 4MAT knowledge was already so well implemented that I the day after the course restructured one of my own courses using 4MAT.

Together with a college, which back then didn’t know anything about this method, we broke down the course and then used 4MAT to design it again. The results? We have now “cracked the code” and have made an even better course, I can only give my warmest recommendation to 4MAT and Hanne - I have now signed myself into “the cult”.

Responsible for Education and Development — Kari Kuhberg, Synoptik A/S

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4MAT lifts internal and external presentations to a new and high level

We have had more employees on a 4MAT course and we are experiencing that the tool is immediately lifting our internal as well as external presentation to a new and higher level. We can only recommend Hanne Houbak and 4MAT to other companies who wants to become even better at conveying their knowledge to customers.

Sales consultent Henrik Rabell, Landinspektørfirmaet LE34

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