4MAT Tower

5 magnetic blocks to stack and visualize your work with types and learning styles. A block with input, characteristics and good advice each learning style. A fifth block with ideas for action. For example:

  • My 4MAT preferences are...
  • Note to self! This is where I really need to STRETCH!
  • In this task - I need to pay EXTRA attention on…
  • What I really ENJOY right now is …

Make your learning style visible

Arrange the blocks according to your own preferences. The highest preference at the top of the tower, the least preference at the bottom, etc. Place the tower on your desk and colleagues will see how they match you and make you shine.


Size: 5 x 5 x 5 cm
Quantity: 5 blocks per. set
Material: Plastic, magnets, with print, matte finish


Danish, English, Norwegian,


DKK. 200,-
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4MAT Typetårn