4MAT SLP Assessment

Student’s learning styles

The 4MAT SLP (Student Learning Preferences) assessment is developed for school students / students in the age of 12 - 18 years old. The analysis is a great tool for engaging students in conversation about how they learn. Similarly, the assessment is an invaluable resource for the teacher in planning and teaching - and last, but not least, for parents who spends a lot of time helping their kids with homework.

The student’s help for self-help

The SLP assessment is a simple self-scoring tool that young people can complete and gain insight on their learning style, and their own specific approach to learning.
At the same time, all the students gain an insight on how other people learn, so that they become more aware of the diversity and then apply it positively in, for example, group work.

The teacher’s success strategy

With insight on learning styles, it will be easier to create teaching that inspires and benefits all students in the class. The SLP profile gives you a good picture of your students and how they learn. When planning your teaching with the 4MAT method and the natural learning circle, you ensures that all learning styles are met and supported equally.


The 4MAT profiles are only sold to certified 4MAT consultants.


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4MAT SLP Profil