4MAT LTM Assessment

Learning style

The 4 MAT LTM (Learning Type Measure) assessment provides a clear picture of people’s individual learning styles. The purpose is to create a greater insight into oneself and give cause for reflection on strengths and potentials when interacting with others. For example at learning, leadership and communication.

Result - and personal assessment

The result is a detailed graph and written indication of the individual’s learning style.
In addition, a verification of results and development potentials through personal dialogue with a certified 4MAT Consultant.

Effective tool for everybody

In combination with the 4MAT process tool, the LTM profile is a functional and easily implementable tool that can be used by everyone, scaled and used as needed. In the United States alone, more than a million people from schools, businesses and government institutions have used the profile as part of their process.

Combination analysis

The LTM profile is often used in combination with the HMI (Hemispheric Mode Indicator – right and left brain preferences), to add an extra dimension to the depth of the learning style.


The 4MAT profiles are only sold to certified 4MAT consultants.


Danish, English, Norwegian, German


Online assessment 


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4MAT LTM Profil