4MAT LBI assessment

Leadership style

The 4MAT LBI (Leadership Behavior Inventory) assessment focuses on the individual's natural strengths and potentials as a leader. The purpose is to create an insight on how these preferences affect the day-to-day management in different ways – and with that insight help the manager/leader to make more conscious choices in the leader role.

Results - and personal assessment

The result is a detailed graph and written indication of the individual’s leadership style.
In addition, a verification of results and development potentials through personal dialogue with a certified 4MAT Consultant.

Development - personal and performance

The insight from the LBI can be used as a starting point for your personal discovery and development into the role as a leader. For examples with focus on making more conscious choices, working with motivation and communication, keeping focus on the balance between management and leadership and building effective and successful teams.

Combination analysis

The LBI profile is often used in combination with the HMI (Hemispheric Mode Indicator – right and left brain preferences), to add an extra dimension to the depth of the leadership style.


The 4MAT profiles are only sold to certified 4MAT consultants.


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4MAT LBI Profil