4MAT HMI Assessment

Brain Preferences

The 4MAT HMI (Hemispheric Mode Indicator) assessment offers insight into your right and left brain preferences. The profile gives you an insight to the different preferences and how they can influence on the way we perceive, process and share new knowledge.

The whole brain

There is consistent evidence that the right and left hemispheres of the human brain have different, yet specialized functions for organizing thinking and approaching problem solving. Normal developed individuals use both right and left brain and subconsciously switch between them all the time.

Right brain - examples on the characteristics

Creative, subjective, primarily base their thoughts and memory in images, sees connections and contexts.

Left brain - examples on the characteristics

Analytical, objective, primarily base their thoughts and memory in language, sees a connection between cause and effect.

Results - in combination with learning styles

The result is a written indication of the preference.
This assessment is most often used in combination with LTM or LBI assessment for the purpose of providing an extra dimension to the subject being worked on - for example, leadership, communication or learning.


The 4MAT profiles are only sold to certified 4MAT consultants.


Danish, English, Norwegian, German


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4MAT HMI Profil