Make yourself and each other shine

In continuation with the work on our book "Do you know who you are? Make yourself and each other shine", Arne Nielsson and Hanne Houbak have developed this course for you, who wants to dig deeper after reading the book.
Come meet us and try, during the day, to work with the methods that we describe in the book and much more. Maybe you have relations at your workplace or in the private life that you would like to shine. Maybe you can shine even better ...
We are looking forward to meeting you!

The program:

  • Welcome and presentation
  • Good relations and teamwork
  • Diversity and types
  • Good communication in 4 steps
  • With your WHY as willpower
  • Set goals and reach them
  • HOH days - More of them!
  • Thanks for today ?


1 day - Class from 9am - 4pm CEST

Course dates:

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Open class: DKK. 4.000,- excl. VAT per. participants

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