Learning with 4MAT and MEMO

You can't ensure anyones learning…

But as teachers/consultants/instructors/trainers/facilitators or whatever we call ourselves, we can use the best principles and our knowledge about the brain to create the best enviorment for learning.

Experience how Hanne and Bjarke together use a combination of the 4MAT method and the MEMO technique to create impact.

When we have to learn something new, it is first and foremost about two things - to understand and to remember. Often we focus on understanding, but what about memorising - have we forgotten it? Only very few people know how to effectively learn to remember the new topics.

Understanding and memorising always goes hand in hand - in all good teaching. In this course, we focus on both of them by combining the 4MAT model with the Memo technique.

  • 4MAT is a method that helps brain-friendly learning. 4MAT is used to design and organize training that benefits and motivates all participants equally. 4MAT ensures the optimal understanding for everyone.
  • MEMO is a combination of the world's best memory techniques, all of which are based on the way memory works, and can be used by everyone. Memo is the most effective method of remembering knowledge.

When you design your training with both the 4MAT method and the MEMO technique, you raise impact of your teaching and create a successful learning environment that motivates and engages everyone.

This is what we will try to teach you…

Even though we have written before that you can't ensure anyones learning…

The 4MAT model focuses on a brain-friendly process where you use many senses and ensure interaction. We will take a closer look at the first part of the model, which is about WHY frames; how to create meaning and ensure everyone's commitment and motivation. It doesn't matter if you already have knowledge about 4MAT or not.

Ever since ancient Greece, we have known techniques that can be used to store any kind of knowledge. We will look at the best of them with MEMO - and try to apply them.
The techniques can be used in a myriad of contexts; when e.g. you design a course, prepare for an exam, learn a new language, remember names or the elements of the 4MAT model - or if you want to remember your speech or presentation, and perform it without fussing around with a manuscript.

You have an amazing memory, you just have to learn to feed it properly.

Bjarke og Hanne - 4MAT

Bjarke Toft

Bjarke is co-owner and daily manager of Memo Denmark. He has extensive experience as a keynote speaker and teacher in courses and seminars. Among other things, he certifies teachers in the use of remembering techniques in teaching. Bjarke has a background in management, he is an expert in the importance of memory for learning and has a special focus on techniques for effective dissemination and consolidation of knowledge.

More about Memo Danmark here: https://memodanmark.dk/

Hanne Houbak

Hanne runs the company About Learning - 4MAT Group A / S. She is the Preferred training partner in Europe in the 4MAT method. Over the years, she has certified and trained several leaders, educators, trainers, consultants and keynote speakers. She has the pleasure of working with leading learning experts around the world. Hanne's core competencies are 4MAT, train the trainer, online training and graphic facilitation. She has been self-employed since 1998.

We look forward to seeing you for some inspiring days :)

Program for two days:

  • Welcome and presentation
  • A walk with weird pictures…
  • What do the wise say?
  • Results with MEMO and memory
  • WHY frames - curiosity and motivation
  • Remembering techniques in practice
  • How to remember names!
  • 4MAT exposed to MEMO
  • Zone techniques and didactics
  • Consolidation and reconsolidation
  • Design your presentation with 4MAT and MEMO
  • 4MAT and MEMO for teaching
  • Amazing - how much you can remember!
  • Thanks for now

Course dates:

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Ask for training

Classes every day from AM 9.00 to PM 16.30 CEST

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Dkr. 7.950,- ex. vat each participant

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