Graphic facilitation

Boost your ability to work graphically and create greater impact by being able to draw and incorporate other graphic elements into your work. With a few simple drawing techniques, you can visualize your’s and the group's communication and create greater commitment, ownership and impact in the processes or meetings that you facilitate.

The visual supports your communication. Knowledge must be shared, different learning styles and intelligences must be accommodated. With the visual we create common understanding and direction so that we can all act accordingly.

Did you know that with 7 simple elements you can draw EVERYTHING?

- a dot, a line, a square, a triangle, a circle, a spiral and a wave ...

On this course, you will learn effective ways to work creatively and vividly with graphic elements that support your communication. You will learn about strategic use of space and about group dynamics. The course is not just about drawing pictures - therefore no previous drawing experience is necessary. We use the drawings here as a communicative competence rather than as an art form. By the end of this course, you have been introduced to the basic skills and tools needed to get started to work as a graphic facilitator.

In order to get the most out of the course, it is optimal that you continue to use graphic facilitation regularly, so that your skills are continuously maintained and expanded.

Your impact:

  • Introduction to the value of visualizing
  • An understanding of the fundamental graphic elements and language
  • The ability to use a repertoire of graphic icons and templates to help you create overview, commitment and constructive conversations among your attendees, in your team or department
  • Being able to reflect on your own style of facilitation


Practice makes perfect!
We have compiled a selection of ideas for you from some of our courses. Here you can find inspiration on how to visualize your communication. Click here and see


Hanne Houbak

Course dates:

Odense: 30. May 2024
Class from 9am — 4pm CEST


DKK. 3.000,- excl. VAT per. Participant

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