4MAT MTD Trainer

For schools / educational institutions and companies with their own academy, it will be optimal to educate their own “in house” 4MAT MTD Trainers, who can regularly train and coach other 4MAT users within the organization. This way, the trainers can both secure anchoring and implementation in the organization, and at the same time minimize costs for training.

Dissemination, background, theory and research:

The 4MAT MTD Trainer training is based on the dissemination of the 4MAT MTD material. as it gives us the opportunity to once again consult 4MAT as a method/typology and also allows us to go into depth with both dissemination, background, theories and research related to the many elements that collectively constitute the natural 4MAT learning cycle.

 A 4MAT MTD Trainer achieves the following competencies:

  • Deeper understanding of the natural learning circle
  • Manages to bring content to a concept level
  • Design teaching based on the essential question, concept and outcome
  • Communicate concept based teaching
  • equally honoring all types of learning in the teaching
  • Design exercises with differentiated brain focus
  • Manages to implement authentic assessment and coach 4MAT users in:
    - concept-based teaching
    - devising the right essential questions
    - lifting the content to the concept level
    - linking education equally to all types of learning
    - manages to stay neutral related to their own 4MAT profile
    - understand the importance of respecting the ethics, responsibility and personal approach for the dissemination and teaching in situations where sensitive private information is part of the dialogue framework.

Requirements for participation:

To participate in the 4MAT MTD Trainer training you must have completed 4MAT MasteringTraining Design, have gained experience with the use of 4MAT and get an approval from the 4MAT Group A/S.


Module 1: 3 days with classes from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Module 2: 1 day with certification from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Pre-Start Homework:
Reading the Research Guide, Presenter's Guide, MTD Manual, and Slides (submitted to you).

Homework between modules 1 and 2:
Preparation for at least one 4MAT design of any subject. Submitted for approval and feedback before module 2

Course dates:

Can be planned flexibly depending on needs.

Next class:
Zaragoza, Spain - Week 39 2024


DKK. 19.500,- excl. VAT per. participant

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