4MAT Master Class

Your eksklusive 4MAT forum!

4MAT Master Class is an exclusive forum for certified 4MAT Masters and guests, where we inspire with exciting presentations and the opportunity to network with others who are interested in learning, development and management.
We are proud to be able to invite such a broad group of competent educators, professional consultants, facilitators, keynote speakers, managers, HR staff and others from near and far. An exclusive group of amazing people with many different skills - and with a shared interest in knowledge sharing and learning.


Topics from previous 4MAT Master Classes:

The Brain and Learning, Graphic Facilitation, Functional Brain Training, 4MAT and LEAN, Music and Orchestration of Learning Processes, Theater and Acting as a Learning Tool, Online Training, 4MAT as a Leadership Tool, The Story of 4MAT told by Dr. Bernice McCarthy, Interaction and Co-creation ...

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Next 4MAT Master Class:

We meet both Face to face and Online

Time: More information soon…