MTD.ProcesModel.DKDesign and development of education

When we design your courses with the 4MAT method, you will always get meaning, a knowledge improvement, behavior change and value/ROI. Participants knows WHY they have to take part in the training. They gain new knowledge and use it actively to implement it in their daily life as well privately as on job.

All topics can be designed after the 4MAT method

You make use of our many years of good experience!
We can help you to organize and design your own course based on the 4MAT method. You bring the knowledge and we contribute with the pedagogical method. That means we can work together on exactly the topic you want and are an expert in.

It can be a face to face course, online training or e-learning - both long and short course.
We create 4MAT design, a trainer guide and training materials. You complete the course in your own company/organisation.


We have since 1998 designed and developed all our educations and courses with the 4MAT method. At the same time we have also been teaching other consultants, trainers and teachers to use the 4MAT method for their design and developing of education and training.
We have for example developed courses with the following titles: Mentoring, Train the trainer, Coaching and career counseling, The teaching role for sales people, IT Teaching, Effective meetings, Team development…


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We match expectations and will give you an offer.

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